Vehicle Contract Hire

Contract Hire leasing  – from single vehicles to large fleets

Security, in the form of guarantees or indemnities, may be required. Product fees may apply. Finance is subject to status and is only available for business purposes.

What is Contract Hire?

Contract Hire, also known as vehicle leasing, is a flexible finance solution that could help you avoid the risks associated with vehicle ownership and reduce business costs. We offer Contract Hire solutions to sole traders and small businesses, right up to large, corporate fleets and understand you need cost-effective solutions and support you can rely on.

Why choose Contract Hire?

  • Flexibility – You can set the term and annual mileage to suit your needs and amendments and extensions are usually possible.
  • Avoid Depreciation – As you don’t own the vehicles, you don’t have to worry about the market values depreciating.
  • Less admin – We source and supply your car or van and you return it at the end.
  • Helps cash flow – Fixed monthly rentals help with cash flow and budgeting.
  • Upgrades – Easily plan to replace your business cars every two, three or four years, as required.
  • Lower costs – You could benefit from our purchasing power leading to lower rentals.
  • Manage maintenance – Optional maintenance can help to spread and manage the costs of servicing and repairs.
  • Accounting & Tax - Contract Hire could simplify your business accounting and assist in tax planning.

Tax reliefs referred to are those applying under current legislation which may change. The availability and value of any tax reliefs will depend on your individual circumstances.

How Contract Hire works:

Contract Hire is where you pay an advance rental, followed by fixed monthly rentals, to lease cars or vans for however long you need them (between 24 – 48 months). You’ll choose how many miles the vehicle will drive in a year (between 5,000 – 50,000 miles). You need to service and maintain your vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. When the agreement comes to an end, you simply hand the vehicle back to us with nothing more to pay (subject to the vehicles remaining within their contracted mileage and their condition meeting the BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear standards).

Security, guarantees or indemnities may be required. Product fees may apply.  Subject to status. 

Order your vehicles in a few simple steps:

  1. Choose - Submit an enquiry and our team will help you choose a vehicle and create a tailored quote.
  2. Order – Apply and as soon as you are accepted for finance, simply place your order.
  3. Delivery – Choose a time that suits you and our dealer will deliver the vehicle to you.
  4. During Your Contract - choosing optional maintenance helps you manage your servicing and maintenance obligations
  5. Hand back – At the end of your agreement you simply hand back the vehicle at the same time as we deliver your new one

Contract Hire for Fleet Management

Together with Contract Hire, we provide a full range of fleet management services and innovative online solutions to match your business’ fleet needs. Formulate a fleet policy, manage your path to transition to electric vehicles. Find the right vehicles for your business now and gain access to intelligent technology that could save time and cost.

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