Get greener with Lombard

Funding green assets without the weight of an outright purchase

Funding sustainable assets since 2010

We could support your business when investing in a wide range of sustainable assets, whether you're considering:

  • Roof or ground mounted solar panels
  • Onshore wind power turbines
  • Combined Heat and Power & Air source heat pumps
  • Biomass boilers
  • Battery Storage
  • LED Lighting
  • Electric charging infrastructure
  • Alternative fuel vehicles for example Cars, LCV’s, HCV’s, Buses 

Other finance options

Whether you are looking to fund renewable energy assets as a one-off venture or you are planning a larger project.

Hire Purchase

Spread the purchase cost of your asset, with the option to own it at the end

You’ll usually pay an initial deposit, then pay off the asset's full value through monthly payments. Once the final agreed payment is made, you can own the asset.

Structure payments to fit with your cashflow needs

Reduce monthly payments by opting for a final lump sum – a balloon payment

Choose between fixed or variable rates, whichever suits you best

Reduce tax payments – It may be possible to offset repayment interest against your business profits and claim back VAT. Allowances and capital grants may also be claimable on your agreement. (Special Rules may apply.)

Residual Value Lease

Benefit from ownership without depreciation risks or costs of disposal

Lombard will own the asset and bear the risks on anticipated future values and disposal costs. Your rentals do not cover the full asset value so payments are reduced.

Flexible repayments – We set the residual value of the asset at the start of your agreement. This could lower the monthly rates you pay when compared to other financing solutions.

Two end of term arrangements – At the end of your Operating Lease commitment, return the asset for resale or lease it again.

You will need to insure and maintain the asset. 

Finance Lease

Lease high value equipment with lower repayments and reduced risks

Lombard will purchase the asset and rent it to you. Rentals can be tailored to your cash flow and you’ll benefit by keeping a large portion of the resale value.

Flexible end of term arrangements – When your agreed term is close to finishing, we offer options to end your agreement or re-hire the assets again for less.

Get a portion of the resale value – If you choose to let us sell the assets at the end of your lease, you will receive a cut of the resale sum, which will be the asset’s current market value.

Tax & Capital allowance – Only pay VAT on lease payments. You may also be able to offset some costs associated with renewable energy assets from your taxable profits.

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