Managing the impact

Support for your business as costs rise

Increases in the cost of living and trading have meant many businesses have felt a squeeze in the last 12 months. To support you, we have created this hub to provide resources which could help to mitigate increasing costs, and will be continuously updating it as new developments arise and solutions are available.

How rising energy costs may affect your business

The price of oil and rising inflation have had repercussions on the world's energy markets. We look at the causes below, and offer some advice on how you could help your business cope with increasing costs.

Tools to help you anticipate costs

Benchmark your energy usage

Use this energy benchmarking tool from the Carbon Trust to analyse your typical usage and savings.

Forecast your cash flow

In a world of high inflation and rising day-to-day costs, managing your cash flow is crucial. Our tips and interactive tool could help.

Identify carbon and cost savings

The NatWest Carbon Planner is free and could support you to become a more sustainable organisation. Measure your carbon footprint and identify potential cost savings.

Building a plan to make changes

Here are some ways you can think about making changes to your business to weather the changes in fuel and energy prices.

Tips to help you reduce your energy bills

Explore the small changes you can make, that could reduce your energy bills. From everyday tips to exploring sustainable grants and schemes, a little could go a long way.

Support for businesses large and small

NatWest's Business Builder has been developed to support businesses and entrepreneurs at all stages. Explore sustainable solutions, learn about managing risk or find out how to better manage your finances, all for free.

The importance of workplace wellbeing

People are the heart of your business. Get information about working from home, bereavement and stress, as well as available health apps you can use. See how you can support your staff, and yourself, on NatWest's wellbeing hub.

Ways to become more resilient

If you are considering how to make yourself more resistant to rising costs in future to protect your business, we are here to support you.

Eligible for a grant or tax relief?

Finding funding can be a tough, drawn-out process. Swoop's Grant Finder tool, sponsored by Lombard, does the heavy lifting for you.

Time to switch to electric vehicles?

You could reduce your carbon footprint and potentially save money by switching to an electric vehicle.

Vehicle charging for your business

Octopus Energy and Lombard are offering discounted EV charging technology and a host of other benefits designed to make the transition to electric easier.

*We receive a fee from Octopus Energy for customers we introduce who go on to buy one of their products or services. 

Concerned about rising costs?

We’re here to help whenever you need us.

If you're worried about the impact of rising costs on your business, don't wait to get in touch.

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More insights and resources

Stay up-to-date with the latest developments, and understand how they could affect you.

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