Business Support Tools

Swoop's Grant Finder tool, sponsored by Lombard, does the heavy lifting for you

Eligible for a grant or tax relief?

Finding funding can be a tough, drawn-out process. It takes a lot of research to find out what grants are available and whether you meet the criteria.

Does my business meet the criteria?

Find out what support is available for your business and join thousands of customers who have received funding or cut costs.

Could we be eligible for a grant?

Go to Swoop's Grant Finder tool and answer a few simple questions, like your company location and annual turnover. You'll find out if your business is likely to be eligible quickly and easily. You don't need to sign up and it won't cost you anything.

Will we be able to pay less tax?

If you're thinking about buying equipment for your business, you might be eligible for a tax saving of up to 25% of the cost of the asset. It's all part of the UK Government's Super Deduction scheme. Go to our tax savings calculator, enter your details and find out what you could save*.

*Only companies that pay corporation tax can take advantage of this tax incentive.

Additional support for your business

Asset Finance

Buy essential vehicles and equipment without feeling the weight of an outright purchase. 

Security may be required.  Product fees may apply.  Available to UK customers for business purposes only.

Annual Investment Allowance

Learn more about Annual Investment Allowance and what it means for your business.