Case studies

How asset finance has helped our customers realise their ambitions

Case studies


Building long-term relationships in the infrastructure sector

What did Clancy want to achieve?

  • Ongoing access to asset finance for acquisition of vehicles and plant

How did Lombard help Clancy?

  • A multi-million-pound credit line enables the firm to acquire assets as required over the lifespan of large infrastructure projects

Flight Calibration Services Ltd.

Investment in new aircraft and equipment upgrade sees uplift in operations.

What did FCSL want to achieve?

The refresh and expansion of their fleet of light aircraft.

How Lombard helped FCSL

  • Provided aircraft mortgages for six new aircraft, each with a five-year term
  • Provided funding for the purchase of new navigation testing equipment
  • The new aircraft have significantly lowered FCSL’s operating costs and enabled them to expand their operations in other geographical regions.

Zenith Aviation

The sky's the limit for expanding aviation charter business

What did Zenith Aviation want to achieve?

The business was looking for funding to help add two Learjet 75s to its charter fleet.

How did Lombard help Zenith Aviation?

  • A five-year loan agreement where we provided an 85% Aviation Loan, enabling Zenith Aviation to keep their initial deposit low
  • A year later, they approached us for funding for another Learjet 75, which we provided on the same basis.



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