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Supporting our customers: Free Mentor Covid-19 weekly webinars

We are continuing to implement initiatives so that we can support our business customers manage the impacts of the Coronavirus outbreak. As part of this activity, our Banking partner Natwest via their advisory, support and consultancy service Mentor are running weekly free webinars to give customers valuable insight on the latest developments and answer questions. 

Topics being covered in these customer webinars include;


Business Modelling to Manage Change:

Being able to examine your entire business model in a single view is massively important to plot changes, manage situations, cut costs or demonstrate value.

NatWest: Tuesday 26th May, 10 - 11am

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RBS: Tuesday 26th May, 4 - 5pm

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NatWest: Thursday 28th May, 4 - 5pm

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Ulster Bank: Thursday 28th May, 10 -11am

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Rapid Cash - Cashflow: Life after lockdown for your business                                                                                  

Hosted by Julie Ashmore, CEO of Rapid Cash, this webinar will explore the various types of cashflow solutions available to businesses in a post-coronavirus world.

Natwest: Wednesday 27th May 2 - 2.45pm

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Setting Goals to Maintain Growth

Setting goals is easy, delivering on them is another matter – especially when life throws you a curveball. Learn how to set measurable goals for a constant sense of motivation and progress.

NatWest: Tuesday 2nd June 10 – 11am

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RBS: Tuesday 2nd June  4 - 5pm

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NatWest: Thursday 4th June 4 – 5pm

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Ulster Bank: Thursday 4th June 10 - 11am

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These sessions are open to all businesses.