Machinery Finance Lease

Finance machinery to help improve your manufacturing process

What Lombard offers as your heavy equipment financing provider

Our expertise – as manufacturing sector experts, we have the experience to fund the assets you require.

Helping cash flow – by financing, you could keep funds to reinvest and help your manufacturing business grow.

Flexible end of term arrangements – When your agreed term is close to finishing, we offer attractive options to end your agreement or re-hire the assets again for less.

Proportion of the resale value – If you choose to let us sell the assets at the end of your lease, you will receive a cut of the resale sum, which will be the asset’s current market value.

Ongoing finance – as your business develops and expands, we could offer new asset funding solutions suited to your objectives.

Customers may be responsible for any maintenance or repairs due on their asset. Contact us or see your contract terms for more details. 


Lombard's machinery Finance Lease

When using our Finance Lease, we purchase the equipment and rent it out to you over an agreed term for monthly payments. It does not matter if the equipment is brand new or used, as we can finance new manufacturing machinery or used assets that have a longer life cycle. If you are after finance for machinery, get a quote  and see how we could help your manufacturing plant.

Is large machinery Finance Leasing right for my business?

No matter what kind of manufacturing you specialise in, we could help with financing your asset investment. Whether the heavy equipment you need is for paper manufacture, setting up a production line or brick making, we provide the financing you need to make your business thrive.

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