Healthcare Finance Lease

Fund healthcare and medical equipment through a Finance Lease

What Lombard offers as your healthcare equipment leasing company

Spreading cost of equipment – Our Finance Lease offers a solution to spreading the weight of medical equipment costs, so you can focus on providing care to your patients.

Avoiding risks – As you could keep your healthcare business in motion by upgrading to brand new equipment at the end of every finance agreement, also avoiding the risk of depreciation and outdated equipment.

Expertise – With expertise of Finance Leasing for medical equipment, our dedicated team is ready to help your institution.

Flexible lease repayments – If you have specific needs because of your cash flow and budget, we could help tailor the rental period to your circumstances.

Flexible end of term arrangements – When your agreed term is close to finishing, return the asset to sell, sell it to a third party on our behalf, or extend your lease period for a second term at a lower rental rate (subject to Terms and Conditions)

Proportion of the resale value – After your Finance Lease term is finished and you do not extend the lease, you will receive a cut of the asset’s resale market value.

Customers may be responsible for any maintenance or repairs due on their asset. Contact us or see your contract terms for more details. 

Healthcare equipment Finance Lease with Lombard

When using a Finance Lease agreement to acquire healthcare equipment, Lombard purchases the assets and rents them out to you over an agreed term for set monthly repayment rates. We offer healthcare equipment financing on anything from: diagnostic equipment, surgical instruments to even cosmetic medicine – so you can carry on delivering exceptional care to your patients. Whether you are after medical laser leasing or specialist beds for your independent hospital, get a quote  and see if we can help your medical institution with acquiring the right equipment, without the large initial capital expense.

To find out more about Finance Leasing, and how it compares to other types of asset finance we provide, visit the Finance Lease page.

Is healthcare equipment Finance Leasing right for my business?

Lombard Finance Lease is a solution for various medical practices. We offer support to a multitude of institutions, such as independent hospitals, dental practices, veterinary practices, GP surgeries and more. If your business is in the private medical field, pharmaceuticals, fertility, optometry or cosmetics, we could help you and your business with getting the right equipment.

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